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Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Dominican Republic

Welcome to my Spanish Teaching Blog.  I am in my second year teaching Advanced Honors Spanish to Heritage Learners at a public exam school in New England.  Previously, I have taught Spanish for 7 years at  private schools in New England, English as a Foreign Language to elementary school kids up through adults in Dominican Republic, English as a Foreign Language to middle school kids in Mexico, and Spanish to high school kids with learning disabilities (including many who were told they were incapable of learning a second language) in New England. 

I teach all lower levels of Advance Honors high school Spanish.  This upcoming school year I will be teaching Advanced Honors Spanish 1, Advanced Honors Spanish 2, and Advanced Honors Heritage Speaker Spanish.  We also offer Pre-AP Spanish and AP Spanish Language and Culture and AP Spanish Literature in my department.

With this Blog I hope to enter into conversations and idea sharing with other Language Teachers.  I have some fun ideas, but I know there are many, many more out there, and the best way for us to continue to grow in our teaching is to talk, share, and brainstorm.  Please feel free to leave any comments or e-mail me. 

~ La profesora de la Cruz

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