Sunday, September 9, 2012

The night before the first day

Tomorrow is my first day back to class.  It is always strange to answer the question, "When does school start?" because it never starts the first day of class.  I have been working for weeks on setting up my classroom, planning lessons, attending teacher meetings and training, and working pre-season athletics and orientation events for students.  That doesn't even include a whole summer of thinking about my classes, researching ideas on pinterest and other places online, and collecting things I can use in lessons (like Spanish magazines, cultural objects, and teacher tools like popsicle sticks).

After tomorrow though, I can say without a doubt, that school has started.  My classroom looks ready, but it still feels a bit empty. 

My bulletin board is ready to display their work, but it is empty.

My whiteboards are set up and decorated with magnets for lessons from the first week, but there is no writting.

The desks are in a perfect semi-circle perfect for communicating and viewing the whiteboard, but none have been sat in yet. 
Even my teacher's desk just looks too organized.
Tomorrow, it will be a used space, and I'm excited.

~ La profesora

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